Some frequently asked questions about how the Inman Aligner straightens front teeth.

What makes a patient a good Inman Aligner candidate?

An adult patient with mild crowding of the four front incisor teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

 Are all Inman Aligners the same? 

The Inman Aligner is custom made. Impressions (moulds) of your teeth and photos are taken of the upper and lower jaw along with x-rays of the teeth that are to be straightened. Dr Richard Kozlowski does an online assessment using this information and sends the impressions to a dedicated Inman dental laboratory where an Inman Aligner is custom made for each individual patient.

Inman Aligner on teeth mould

Impressions and x-rays are taken of your teeth to customise an Inman Aligner


How many appointments will I need?

You will need an initial consultation and discussion with Dr Kozlowski to see if the Inman Aligner will work for you. You will then need an appointment to take x-rays, impressions of your teeth.

When your Inman Aligner is ready for you we will schedule an appointment to fit it. Fitting the Inman Aligner takes 40 minutes and includes take home care instructions and a storage box.

Review appointments then are a quick 20 minutes  every 2 weeks. 

 Is there any special care needed by a patient while using the Inman Aligner? 

The Inman Aligner should be kept clean and removed for eating and having hot drinks.  During these times the Inman Aligner should be kept in the storage box provided. 

 How long is the Inman Aligner worn each day?  

The Inman Aligner should be worn a minimum of 16 hours per day.  The Inman Aligner should only be removed whilst eating, having hot drinks, playing sport but it can also be removed for important work, contact sport or social activities if necessary.

 What happens after Dr Kozlowski is happy with the Inman Aligner results? 

After the teeth are aligned, minor adjustments are made to improve the aesthetics if necessary.  The next stage is a final impression to provide a retainer which must be worn to prevent a relapse and a return of teeth crowding.  The retainer is either a fixed wire bonded to the teeth or a removable plastic one worn only at night times. 

How long does the Inman Aligner take to straighten my front teeth? 

Treatment with the Inman Aligner typically takes about 3 months. 

How much will it cost to straighten my front teeth with an Inman Aligner? 

The dental fee does depend on the time needed to achieve the results. Attached is an estimate for a patient attending Leederville Dental. Please note this is an estimate only. Book an appointment today so we can assess suitability of your teeth and give an accurate estimate.

Inman Aligner Estimate

Do you have any before and after images of teeth straightened with an Inman Aligner?

You can view Leederville’s dental portfolio showing some of the teeth straightened using the Inman Aligner.

I’ve had braces before can I still use the Inman Aligner? 

The Inman Aligner is a popular choice for patients who have had braces while younger but their teeth have moved over time and crowded in the front on the upper or lower jaw and can be worn by adults of any age.

Results of teeth straightening at Leederville Dental with Inman Aligner

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