At Leederville Dental, Perth we focus on Sedation Dentistry for all ages we understand and care about you.

A previous negative experience often causes a trip to the dentist to evoke feelings of anxiety and fear, and that is why our team has a special interest in anxiety free and gentle dentistry.

Born from Dr Richard Kozlowski’s compassionate nature, Leederville Dental offers a variety of sedation dentistry procedures that can ensure a pleasant, pain-free and comfortable visit to the dentist. Richard Kozlowski is Perth’s most experienced dentist specialising in iv dental sedation with over 15 years experience

Imagine receiving a quality dental treatment and not remembering a thing!

Dental Sedation

Sedation dentistry is a helpful option for those who suffer from dental anxiety or fears, and allows those who suffer a dental phobia to receive quality dental care in a comfortable, anxiety free environment. If you are afraid to visit the dentist, then never fear…sedation dentistry is here!

Sedation induces a deep sleep, the medication puts you in a dream like state so that you are unaware of the treatment, and will not remember it. You will experience a pain-free procedure and feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire treatment.

The benefits of sedation dentistry:

  • Complex dental treatments can now be undertaken in as little as a single dental appointment, as opposed to multiple appointments, saving you time and money. Sedation dentistry can be used for any type of dental procedure.
  • If you suffer from dental anxiety or a fear of needles, have a strong gag reflex, or hate the sound of drills, sedation dentistry can be a great way to minimise treatment time, and maximise comfort.
  • At Leederville Dental, we offer a range of sedation techniques including intravenous sedation, light sedation and general anaesthetic.
  • Our dentists support anxious patients throughout their entire dental journey by taking time to listen to their concerns and thoroughly explaining each procedure before they commence.
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