Amalgam fillings, sometimes referred to as silver fillings are made from a metal alloy (or mixture) of metals including silver, tin, zinc, copper and mercury. Mercury can be nearly 50% of the mixture. Whilst considered safe by the Australian Dental Association, amalgam fillings are known to release minute amounts of mercury from these fillings during general day to day tooth functions but the highest amount of mercury exposure from amalgam fillings occurs when they are placed and when they are removed from our mouths.

If your silver fillings are 20 years or older it is good to make an appointment to determine whether or not they are intact and if not replacing them with a non-amalgam restoration can be a good option.
It is important to limit exposure to mercury and so Leederville Dental uses several procedures for the safe removal and replacement of amalgam fillings.

This procedure is done using a ‘Rubber Dam’ as a barrier to catch the amalgam slurry generated in the removal of the old filling. The use of high volume suction is also required. Both these measures minimise ingestion of the amalgam slurry and mercury vapour. All replacement teeth fillings are mercury free.

Make an appointment to examine your old silver fillings and have a conversation about the potential health risks of keeping or removing amalgams here in Perth at Leederville Dental.

replace silver fillings
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Pictured above are amalgam fillings that have been replaced by composite fillings at Leederville Dental.

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