Teeth Whitening in Perth is a commonly requested treatment. We offer a one visit in-chair whitening service using a strong whitening solution.

After consultation with our dentist a 90 minute teeth whitening appointment is booked. During this appointment a solution of 40% hydrogen peroxide is painted onto your teeth and left for 8 minutes. This process is then repeated twice more in the same visit. Your teeth will be visibly whiter and no take home kit is needed. You can expect your teeth to be around two shades whiter

Our focus as always is your health, and whatever cosmetic procedure or tooth whitening you choose we ensure it forms part of a long term plan for your oral health.

For quote or query Call 08 9201 2744 or email us on practice@leedervilledental.com.au.

In chair teeth whitening at Leederville Dental

Teeth look noticeably whiter straight after the in chair whitening treatment. This after treatment photo was taken directly after the treatment was completed, straight after teeth will look a little ‘chalky’ but over the next few days teeth rehydrate and remineralise and look more natural.

whiter teeth by dentist in perth

Leederville dental achieved a whole new look using the combination of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers.

Improve your smile at any age. Tooth whitening results for a 72 year old patient who had a 1 hour in chair whitening treatment at Leederville Dental

tooth whitening for elderly patient

Photos of Teeth before and after Invisalign and tooth whitening.

Read our helpful article on teeth whitening.

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