Before and After Dental Photos

Porcelain Veneers To Upper 6 Front Teeth

Before and after porcelain veneers fitted to upper teeth

veneers on front 6 teeth

Teeth Straightened With Inman Aligner

Teeth straightened by wearing Inman Aligner for 5 months. Fitted and adjusted at Leederville Dental by Dr Mary-Clare Walsh.

teeth straightened by Inman Aligner

Replace Tooth Crowns

Old fractured crowns replaced with new ones on the two upper central incisors at Leederville Dental.

replace old tooth crowns

Gap In Lower Front Teeth

Gap removed by placing composite veneers on lower teeth, this was done at Leederville Dental in 1 visit.

gap in teeth removed

Dental Fluorosis

Before and after acid etch micro abrasion to remove Fluorosis on teeth.
This procedure was completed in a 40min appointment , no local anaesthetic needed and only required 1 appointment.

removal of dental fluorosis

Inman Aligner

Straighter front teeth after wearing the Inman Aligner for 3 months after fitting at Leederville Dental.

Results after wearing the inman aligner for 3 months after fitting at Leederville Dental. Straighter front teeth

Tooth Crown Replacement and Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening followed by replacement of a crown on patients yellow front tooth.

tooth whitening followed by replacement of yellow front tooth crown

Composite Bonding

Before and after composite bonding. Both photos were taken the same day. The appointment was 90 minutes, painless & conservative with no local anaesthetic and no drilling of the teeth. Total cost less than the price of one veneer or crown.
The “after” photo was immediately after polishing hence the slight temporary bleeding of the gums.

Composite bonding to improve teeth appearance

Lower Teeth Straightened With Inman Aligner

Before and after Inman Aligner used to straighten lower teeth at Leederville Dental

inman aligner lower teeth results

Internal Tooth Bleaching

The tooth was intact but had gone dark after trauma, after root canal treatment it was bleached internally to match surrounding teeth.

internal tooth bleached

Dental Implant

Dental implant to replace a missing tooth performed by Dr Richard Kozlowski at Leederville Dental.

replace missing tooth

Reducing Gaps in Teeth

Closing gaps between lower front teeth with composite fillings by Dentist Mary-Clare Walsh at Leederville Dental

Closing gaps between lower front Teeth using composite fillings

Dental Implant & Crown Replacement

Missing tooth replaced by dental implant and crown fitted by Dr Kozlowski. The right adjacent old crown was also replaced.

dental implant replaces missing tooth

Front Top Teeth Alignment After Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is a cost effective solution for correcting protrusion of front teeth over a matter of weeks. Dr Kozlowski fitted the Aligner and adjusted it over a number of dental visits to bring the teeth inline.

straighten front teeth with inman aligner

Cosmetic Replacement of Front Tooth Filling

Cosmetic replacement of an old filling on a front tooth. The tooth originally had a large fracture that was repaired with a filling. The patient wanted to improve the appearance of the tooth. Performed by Dr Richard Kozlowski at Leederville Dental

replacement of front tooth filling


Invisalign was requested by patient to straighten upper and lower front teeth at Leederville Dental, Perth

Crown Replacement

Replacement to teeth crowns prior to patients wedding

Missing Tooth Restored

Missing tooth restored with a porcelain Cantilever Bridge, discretely attached to one adjacent tooth, this is a quick, less expensive alternative to replacement with an implant or a traditional bridge.

missing tooth replaced with Cantilever Bridge

After wearing an Inman Aligner

After a consult with dentist Dr Richard Kozlowski to see if wearing an Inman Aligner will work for your teeth. A custom made aligner is made for you and adjusted over several weeks producing noticeable, fast results. The aligner can be taken out for sport or special occasions to suit your lifestyle.

result after wearing an Inman Aligner

Invisalign & Tooth Whitening

Photos of Teeth before and after Invisalign and tooth whitening

Composite fillings

Composite fillings replace old amalgam teeth fillings. Performed by Dr Richard Kozlowski

replace silver fillings

Porcelain Veneers

Leederville Dental used Porcelain Veneers to greatly improve the appearance of these teeth

Teeth Whitening & Porcelain Veneers

Leederville Dental achieved a whole new look using the combination of teeth whitening and porcelain veneers

Crown Replacement

Gums often recede from old crowns. Improve your smile and oral health by replacing old tooth crowns. Crown replacement performed at Leederville Dental

replacement of crowns

In chair teeth whitening

Results of in chair teeth whitening performed at Leederville dental. Initially teeth look a little chalky (as in the ‘after’ image shown below) but will rehydrate and remineralise to look more natural over the next few days.

whiter teeth by dentist in perth

Old teeth crown replacement

Old teeth crowns were decaying, 3 replacement crowns were fitted after one snapped. Patient chose darker coloured crowns to match his other teeth as he is coffee drinker

Dental Bridge Replacement

Broken dental bridge was replaced by one tooth implant, one tooth crown and a direct composite veneer.

replacement of dental bridge
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Iman Aligner Results

Results in just over 3 months wearing the Inman Aligner Fitter by Perth dentist Dr Richard Kozlowski from Leederville Dental.

inman aligner results in 3 months
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Iman Aligner Results

Before and after inman aligner to straighten front teeth. A ‘Hygiene Retainer’ prevents relapse back to crowding and also allows regular floss to be used. The patient is a smoker hence the persistent stains.

inman aligner perth dentist
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Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite results after 28 weeks of treatment with 14 sets of aligners. A great result and the patient’s oral hygiene has really improved since starting the treatment at Leederville Dental.

invisalign lite results
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Peg Shaped Tooth

After inman aligner treatment to align front teeth a direct composite veneer was used to reshape a ‘peg’ shaped tooth and even out the line of teeth.

reshape a 'peg' shaped tooth
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Composite Bonding

Dental Implants

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