Removal of wisdom teeth for your health.

Removal of wisdom teeth in your late teens or 20s can be an good choice and prevents problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth affecting your overall health.

wisdom teeth extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure performed at Leederville Dental. Patients are often in their late teens or 20s as problems usually start when wisdom teeth become impacted. Infection and inflammation can develop in and around the tissue covering the impacted wisdom tooth.

You may notice swollen red gums, pain, jaw stiffness, and a general feeling of being unwell. The teeth near the wisdom teeth can also be affected by the inflammation of the gums and surrounding bone or even decay if food is trapped between the wisdom teeth and surrounding teeth. In some cases a cyst (sac of fluid) can form around the impacted wisdom tooth, which can destroy surrounding bone, or damage the surrounding teeth and gums. Antibiotics can be prescribed to help with any infections, but in most cases removal of the impacted teeth is the only permanent solution.

One of the benefits of having your wisdom teeth removed at Leederville dental is our focus on Dental IV Sedation or sleep dentistry which helps our patients relax and experience pain-free and anxiety free wisdom teeth removal.

Leederville Dental’s principal dentist Dr Richard Kozlowski is Perth’s most experienced sedation dentist. Richard is also a member of The Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology and sits on a State Anaesthesiology advisory body. Twilight sedation or sleep dentistry is a safe and pain-free experience, and as a bonus you will not remember a thing afterwards!

Our focus as always is your health, and we ensure that the information we give to you regarding whether you need to have wisdom teeth removed forms part of a long term plan for your oral health.

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Impacted Wisdom teeth in a young adult.

impacted wisdom teeth on teenager

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