Custom Made Mouthguards

Mouthguards made by a dentist

Custom made mouthguards by a dentist provide superior protection and are recommended by the Australian Dental Association rather than boil and bite or over the counter mouthguards.

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Custom made mouthguards by a dentist are the best way to protect your teeth during sports.

In a growing child a new mouthguard should be made every year because there is usually significant change in the shape of the jaw and teeth over that time. Late teen years and adults are usually able to keep their mouthguards for much longer.

Normal turn around for your mouth guard is 4 working days.

You can also book Leederville Dental to come to your local sporting club and create impressions for your club members and then return the mouthguards to the club with a quick turnaround.

Mouthguards For Sporting Clubs

  • Dr Richard Kozlowski takes an impression of teeth to make a superior fitting mouthguard.
  • Mouthguard impression trays and moulding materials.
  • Dentist Richard Kozlowski is checking to see mouthguard is fitting well.


For more information on custom made mouthguards see our article on sporting mouthguards – when do you need them, what is the best type and useful mouthguard tips

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