What is Dental Fluorosis?

Dental Fluorosis is the change of colour and appearance of the tooth’s enamel. The most common form of Fluorosis can be seen as white marks on the surface of the tooth. Below is a picture of a mild-severe case of Dental Fluorosis.

Dental fluorosis white marks on surface of teeth

These white marks on teeth are called dental fluorosis


Who gets Dental Fluorosis and how can it be prevented?

Children aged 8 and under get Dental Fluorosis. They get it mainly from ingesting tooth paste but it can be caused from high fluoride content in water and food products, mouthwashes and some supplements. Only children get Fluorosis because it happens when the teeth are developing under the gum. It can be prevented by checking the level of Fluoride in the water you consume and monitoring young children when brushing their teeth.

removal of dental fluorosis

Before and after acid etch micro abrasion to remove Fluorosis on teeth.
This procedure was completed in a 40min appointment at Leederville Dental , no local anaesthetic needed and only required 1 appointment.

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