Microabrasion Of Teeth

Mottling or spots on teeth can be caused by a number of things such as antibiotics, orthodontics treatment and dental fluorosis.

spots can be removed from teeth using microabrasion

Dental microabrasion of the tooth enamel using a mild acid / pumice mixture can reduce the mottled appearance of teeth.

The above teeth were treated using an acid pumice microabrasion treatment of the 2 middle front teeth to reduce the appearance of white/brown mottling of the enamel in a 50 minute appointment. The procedure is pain free – no drilling or needles are required.

The effects can be further enhanced by tooth bleaching, whitening of teeth which reduces the visibility of white spots on the dental enamel by whitening the surrounding parts of the tooth enamel.

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Dental Microabrasion Of Mottled Teeth

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