Leederville Dental participates in the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule. Unlike other dental practices, we BULK BILL all eligible general dental treatment (including check ups, x-rays, preventative fissure seals, fillings and dental extractions) up to the $1000 limit so there will be no out of pocket expenses for the majority of kids.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides access to dental benefits every two years for eligible children aged 2-17 who are eligible for Family Tax Benefit A.

bulk billed children's dental

This Child Dental Benefit Scheme provides $1000 of capped benefits over 2 years for eligible children to receive basic dental services. This scheme replaces the previous Medicare Teen Dental Plan. If you are eligible for the schedule we can bulk bill your child’s treatment meaning no out of pocket expenses.

For treatment advice or more information about Child Dental Benefits Schedule please contact Leederville Dental today and book your child’s appointment.

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