broken tooth after dental trauma

Broken Tooth Repair

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reshaping peg tooth

Peg Shaped Tooth

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Composite Bonding to Repair Teeth

Composite Bonding

Before and after composite bonding.  Both photos taken the same day.  The appointment was 90 minutes.  Painless and conservative – no local anaesthetic and no drilling of the tooth.  Total cost less than the price of one veneer or crown. The after photo was immediately after polishing  hence the slight temporary bleeding of the gums

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internal tooth bleaching

Internal Tooth Bleaching

A tooth had gone dark after trauma, after root canal treatment the tooth was bleached internally to match surrounding teeth.

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Composite fillings have been used to close gap between lower front teeth

Closing gaps between teeth with composite fillings on lower front teeth.

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tooth repair with replacement filling

Tooth Filling Replacement

  Dr Richard Kozlowski performed a cosmetic tooth filling replacement of an old filling on a front tooth. The tooth originally had a large fracture that was repaired with a filling.  The patient wanted to improve the appearance of the tooth.  Dr Richard was very happy with this result.  It took over an hour and […]

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replace missing tooth

Missing Tooth Replacement

  This missing tooth was restored at Leederville Dental with a porcelain cantilever bridge, discretely attached to an adjacent tooth, this is a quick and less expensive alternative to a missing tooth replacement with an implant or a traditional bridge.

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