Perth’s Most Experienced Sedation Dentist

Dr Richard Kozlowski

Sedation Dentist Dr Richard Kozlowski

Dental anxiety is a reality for many people. Minimising that anxiety is a personal goal of Richard Kozlowski, principal dentist, who has created a sleep while we treat environment at Leederville Dental.
At Leederville Dental, Perth we focus on Sedation Dentistry for all ages we understand and care about you.

Richard is Perth’s most experienced Sedation Dentist and is often asked by other Perth dentists to come in and perform IV dental sedation on their behalf. Richard is also a member of The Australian Society of Dental Anaesthesiology and sits on a State Anaesthesiology advisory body

Your mouth is unique and your dental requirements are as individual as your smile.
We take time to ensure that you have a full understanding of your personal dental health requirements and are given the full range of up to date treatment options.

View our gallery of photos before and after dental treatment at Leederville Dental.

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Perth’s Most Experienced Sedation Dentist / Sleep Dental Practice

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